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the raccoon and I are having a quiet day

March 24, 2017

I exaggerated somewhat this morning. I texted a friend to say I couldn’t go for a walk I’d been looking forward to because I have a bit of a chest infection and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. Now I don’t have a small chest, but it certainly wouldn’t accommodate an elephant, and anyway that isn’t really an accurate description. I don’t feel absolutely pinned down, just somewhat flattened.

I’ve decided that the most accurate analogy, is that I have a raccoon settled there – that seems like the right sort of weight. I thought it might be a red panda, I’ve always loved the ida of a red panda, but I’ve decided they are a bit too cute, and although fundamentally cuddly looking, I have a suspcicion that if I tried to dislodge a sleeping raccoon it would get kind of scratchy. I’m feeling a bit like that.

Thing 5

February 17, 2017

img_2365Well I finally fired up the sewing machine, after leaving it in hibernation for quite some time. Having dithered about meaning to for quite some time I was finally spurred into action by the fact that Boy Wonder’s college Spring Ball was coming up and I found this rather cool pattern for a bow tie. I had the idea and found the pattern a bit too late for it to arrive, but it at least provided a bit of impetus and he’ll be going to other balls.img_2367I’ve had the fabric for a while, but I rather liked the idea of a bow tie covered in instructions for how to iron a shirt.



February 10, 2017

Slipping again, although I’ve not been quite as inactive as it looks like I’ve been. I owe you a couple of updates about adventures and makes – I have to admit I’ve not been quite so good on the recipe front, but I’m hoping I might make good on that next week.

My photos don’t seem to be cooperating at the moment, so I’m going to have to leave you in suspense, and I won’t even be posting tomorrow because I’m off to spend a ridiculously long day in Birmingham – Super Girl’s school choir are singing in some massed choir fest, and as a special treat I’m allowed to go along on the coach (thereby setting off a whole 6 hours earlier than the regular parents’ and friends’ coach). I shall be taking my knitting.

as I said . . .

February 1, 2017

planning is key. It’s just not always easy to know what to plan. So, it’s back to the unsettledness I was mentioning earlier this year, I suppose. The Marvellous Mummy and I met up yesterday for the first time since before Christmas – that’s the thing about being marvellous, it does seem to make one rather busy. It was a chance to catch up with each other’s news, and for the MM to quiz me about what I would like to be doing – there was a slightly Mastermind-esque chair involved, but it really wasn’t much of a quiz:

“So what would you like to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok. Would you like another coffee?”

Still, it probably is something I ought to give more thought to. I can’t just keep waiting for inspiration, and the whole what shall I do when I grow up? thing is really not appropriate at my age.

Coincidentally the Scone Queen was also presiding over her Kingdom, and she was also waxing philosophical about purpose – I was obviously looking particularly rudderless yesterday. Her advice – do what you love!

Which rather takes me back to where I started.

it’s all in the planning . .

January 27, 2017

It’s been a funny old day. Super Girl didn’t have school, so we did a bit of faffing about at home and then went down to the village to go to the bank, and exciting things like that – made a lot more exciting by the prospect of a scone at the eponymous café. We unexpectedly bumped into the Domestic Goddess theoretically doing some work (she switched on her laptop and wrote a word on a pad and underlined it, so that definitely counts), and I was telling her about my plans to revamp our dining chairs. Essentially – our current chairs are wicker and a bit rickety, so in need of replacement, our neighbours were getting rid of their old dining chairs, so got rid of them our way so now, obviously what I have is two dodgy sets of chairs, and the plan is to paint and re-upholster the new (to us) chairs and then dispense with the others. You’ve spotted the flaw in this, right? The DG saw it straight away, the word is “plan.” She gave me a very knowing look and said it will be interesting to see how far I’ve got in five years time. Cut to the very quick, I went right back home and did a bit of knitting. These things can’t be rushed.

Thing 4

January 25, 2017

I’m not sure this really counts as a thing, it’s a part of a thing, but it’s the closest I’m going to get this week. I’m knitting a fox hood for Super Girl, and it’s been going beautifully – the wonder of knitting with treble aran on big needles, but that meant I suddenly started to panic that I had enough yarn so I had to pause while I went to get some more – no idea whether the dye lots will match, so want to phase the new ball in.


In the mean time, having become just a tiny bit obsessive about knitting, I’ve made another of these Lizard Ridge squares with Noro Kureyon. I’m having slight doubts about the contrast (doesn’t show much on this bit), but there’s no point worrying about it now although, since I’m going down the random route, I am going to have some really amazing combos from the ends of balls, and I’m thinking that I’ll combine them with a plain dark grey, rather than just mashing them all up. Anyway, for now – here’s Thing 4 aka Square 6

Thing 3

January 22, 2017

img_2214I’m not sure how I ended up with an upside down hat, but I’m much too lazy to change it!

This is another hat to the same pattern as Thing 1, but without the ridiculous pompom. I’ve also used a better quality wool, Thing 1 was just a fun hat that I can wear whenever, this one is a gift for an ex colleague. The yarn is Rowan baby merino silk, and it was really nice to work with. I like the way that it has been dyed doesn’t give a flat, even colour and I think it brings out the surface texture rather nicely, I hope he likes it.