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the raccoon and I are having a quiet day

March 24, 2017

I exaggerated somewhat this morning. I texted a friend to say I couldn’t go for a walk I’d been looking forward to because I have a bit of a chest infection and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. Now I don’t have a small chest, but it certainly wouldn’t accommodate an elephant, and anyway that isn’t really an accurate description. I don’t feel absolutely pinned down, just somewhat flattened.

I’ve decided that the most accurate analogy, is that I have a raccoon settled there – that seems like the right sort of weight. I thought it might be a red panda, I’ve always loved the ida of a red panda, but I’ve decided they are a bit too cute, and although fundamentally cuddly looking, I have a suspcicion that if I tried to dislodge a sleeping raccoon it would get kind of scratchy. I’m feeling a bit like that.

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