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Thing 3

January 22, 2017

img_2214I’m not sure how I ended up with an upside down hat, but I’m much too lazy to change it!

This is another hat to the same pattern as Thing 1, but without the ridiculous pompom. I’ve also used a better quality wool, Thing 1 was just a fun hat that I can wear whenever, this one is a gift for an ex colleague. The yarn is Rowan baby merino silk, and it was really nice to work with. I like the way that it has been dyed doesn’t give a flat, even colour and I think it brings out the surface texture rather nicely, I hope he likes it.


Thing 2

January 16, 2017

img_2134I couldn’t resist the Failynn Fox Cowl when I saw it, and so decided to make one for SG2. I can’t say it was an overwhelming success, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out but it was on her and off again before I could even think of taking a picture. Maybe she’s like Boy Wonder and she has to acclimatise herself to something first. We used to have to leave things just lying around in his room until he was accustomed to them and didn’t think of them as new!

Still, Super Girl (the original) has put in a request for one, so that should get a bit more use. One of the great joys of knitting it was the speed with which it was done – such a nice change knitting with doubled aran, rather than sock yarn, so I should be able to show you Fox 2 pretty soon. In the mean time, the finishing of Thing 3 is in sight, so the knitting’s going well, and maybe I’ll be able to get a better picture of that, rather than a hurried snap on the car seat, as I remembered before handing it over.


week 2

January 15, 2017

I am slightly startled to report that I have managed two whole weeks of my new plan! This week’s new recipe was the lovely cheese and celeriac bread, that I would certainly make again, I have finished Thing 2 (I’ll show you that tomorrow) and we met a new member of the family.

We all set off to take Boy Wonder back to university, did a bit of a detour and called to see Mr Pict’s nephew and his family, complete with their newest addition BW2. Being up in Pictland we don’t get to see the cousins as often as we’d like to, so this was a particularly lovely afternoon. I hope we get to do it more often this year.

cheese and celeriac bread

January 11, 2017

A new recipe for me, and the first time I had made bread using self-raising flour.  I found Delia’s recipe for Celeriac and Lancashire Cheese Bread in her vegetarian collection, and if you want to give it a go you can find it here. I made a couple of changes to suit our tastes and what we had, so switched in cheshire cheese for the lancashire, missed out the cayenne since Mr Pict isn’t a fan, and added black onion seeds.

It was really quick and easy to make, none of that tiresome waiting around for proving and rising, and although I think it’s probably at its best fresh and warm – I don’t know, it didn’t stick around long enough, it made a great lunch with some tomato and pepper soup.

Adventure 1 – on the importance of wearing a good Sports bra

January 8, 2017

img_2095Last September we had a Swede staying with us – obviously the nation, not the vegetable. (At least I hope it’s obvious, I did remember to use a capital letter after all. It was the second half of an exchange programme that Super Girl took part in, and while the Swedish teenagers were visiting a large group of them and their hosts went to visit Jump Nation. Now this is a slightly odd concept but it is a large industrial unit filled with trampolines.

It all looked like fun, in a potentially slightly hazardous way (Super Girl managed to twist her ankle 3 trampolines in, and although she went back and bounced after a bit of a rest, she was then hobbling around for the remainder of the day), so ever since then I’ve been looking for an excuse to have a go.

It’s not occupied my every waking moment or anything, but having Boy Wonder home seemed the perfect excuse for us to have a family outing, and yesterday the opportunity arose. So this was my first “adventure” of 2017. Not a huge adventure I grant you – but I was never going to be going up Everest or anything, and it’s something I hadn’t done before. I went on trampolines when I was little, and somewhere we have one of those little rebounder things, and I must admit I do rather like a bouncy castle if the opportunity arises (great fun playing the day after the Statistical Guide’s birthday party), but I had never been anywhere like this. It turns out I lack the skills for this sort of trampoline layout, and was useless at bouncing across from one to another, I only actually successfully managed it once, and neither of the Pictlets was watching at the time which was rather a shame, but it was really good fun. Super Girl is now hoping to persuade friends to go bouncing on a regularish basis, and Boy Wonder declared the outing a success, having demonstrated that he is in fact half boy, half kangaroo.

Who knows, I may even hitch up my bra straps and do it again myself some time!


Thing 1

January 7, 2017

img_2081Thing 1 is this hat for me. I definitely overdid it with the pompom and need to trim it down a bit, but other than that I’m rather pleased, and it fits nicely.


It was a nice, speedy knit, the pattern is
Konnor & River’s Hat by Becky Foster, which I got from Ravelry.


It wasn’t completely made in 2017, it was originally meant to be finished before New Year and I’d planned to be able to wear it at least once in Venice, on our trip just after Christmas, but in the event I lacked the nerve to take my knitting needles out on the plane so it travelled there and back in my hold luggage and it had to wait until we were home again.

letting them eat cake

January 6, 2017

This year’s Advent Calendar has been even more ad hoc (for which read unorganised) than usual. I was definitely slow off the mark sorting out who was doing which window, to such an extent that it was all actually only finalised on December 1st. It’s the first year that we haven’t had more than enough volunteers, indeed I ended up messaging the Community Champion and saying: “You know how you said you might be interested in being a part of the calendar? Well, I’ve pencilled you in for the 11th.” To his credit he rose to the challenge and said that the 11th was no good but he could do the 16th if I liked! To make up for that, as some of us met up this evening to eat cake and mark the end of this year’s calendar we have already determined next year’s theme. What is it? Well that would be telling.