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Adventure 1 – on the importance of wearing a good Sports bra

January 8, 2017

img_2095Last September we had a Swede staying with us – obviously the nation, not the vegetable. (At least I hope it’s obvious, I did remember to use a capital letter after all. It was the second half of an exchange programme that Super Girl took part in, and while the Swedish teenagers were visiting a large group of them and their hosts went to visit Jump Nation. Now this is a slightly odd concept but it is a large industrial unit filled with trampolines.

It all looked like fun, in a potentially slightly hazardous way (Super Girl managed to twist her ankle 3 trampolines in, and although she went back and bounced after a bit of a rest, she was then hobbling around for the remainder of the day), so ever since then I’ve been looking for an excuse to have a go.

It’s not occupied my every waking moment or anything, but having Boy Wonder home seemed the perfect excuse for us to have a family outing, and yesterday the opportunity arose. So this was my first “adventure” of 2017. Not a huge adventure I grant you – but I was never going to be going up Everest or anything, and it’s something I hadn’t done before. I went on trampolines when I was little, and somewhere we have one of those little rebounder things, and I must admit I do rather like a bouncy castle if the opportunity arises (great fun playing the day after the Statistical Guide’s birthday party), but I had never been anywhere like this. It turns out I lack the skills for this sort of trampoline layout, and was useless at bouncing across from one to another, I only actually successfully managed it once, and neither of the Pictlets was watching at the time which was rather a shame, but it was really good fun. Super Girl is now hoping to persuade friends to go bouncing on a regularish basis, and Boy Wonder declared the outing a success, having demonstrated that he is in fact half boy, half kangaroo.

Who knows, I may even hitch up my bra straps and do it again myself some time!


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