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body and soul

January 4, 2016

We are just about at the end of this year’s Advent Calendar, and I have as ever been astounded the beauty of some of the windows – and by the inability of some people to put their lights on at the right time, but that’s being mean! As is now traditional, we invited calendar creators and their families along to a bit of a cake fest at church to mark the occasion. A cake fest is a wonderful thing – it’s a bit like the film Field of Dreams – “If you build it they will come!” but in this case, if you declare a fest there will be cake.

The Marvellous Mummy texted in a bit of a panic saying: I have an hour, what do you think – fairy cakes or nothing? But there’s never a shortage of cake at these things, and this year we had a guide leader added to the mix, so she was never going to be knowingly short of baked goods.

This was the first year that I hadn’t known all the participants, so it was a little strange seeing people coming into the room who I didn’t recognise, but it was a lovely gathering, a fairly disparate group of people, all drawn together by a common interest in putting together something that would bring Christmas joy to the village – and cake.

All the best ventures nourish both body and soul and on New Year’s Eve we went to visit the Saltaire Living Advent Calendar, the one that inspired ours four years ago. As ever, it was a damp, chilly evening, but there were some beautiful windows again, and with a definite bonus when we visited the Thomas Street bakery which sponsored the calendar this year.

No slouch as a salesman, the baker came to the door to ask if we wanted any bread or cakes – what a question. We couldn’t resist a cake each (I had a fabulous porter cake which I need to try making some time – although not for the Methodists) and finally settled upon a kartoffelbrot made with beer barm, only to then be given two more free loaves because he was packing away! We kept a delicious beetroot and walnut for ourselves and gave an unidentified white to the Efficient Organiser when we went over that evening. Doesn’t everyone take bread when they’re invited out?

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