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What’s in a name?

November 9, 2015

Not an original question, I know. It occurred to Shakespeare quite some time ago, after all, but still one that I find interesting. How I name something to myself can make a marked difference to how I think about it.

Although all of Super Girl’s sock roulette socks have now been worn in their random form and are now safely paired up, the fact that they are birthday roulette socks, lends additional charm to the less exciting pairs. I feel more cheerful when I wear what I think of as my “holiday knickers”, since they were originally bought for a trip – admittedly helped by the fact that one pair sports flamingoes – who wouldn’t be cheered by that?

For the last few days, we have not had rain so much as the experience of God tipping out buckets over us, and these have been made a little more bearable by the fact that I still think of my waterproof as my “lovely, new waterproof” even though I have now had it for quite some time. The fact that it cost more than every other waterproof that I had owned put together, and I bought it in a sale (don’t get too carried away here, all my other waterproofs were pretty cheap), possibly helped its loveliness to lodge in my mind. Lucky really, as it is getting rather a lot of use at the moment.

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