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I can see clearly . . .

August 27, 2015

. . . now the weeds have gone. Although, to be fair, most of what I can see is more weeds.

Don’t for a moment get carried away, I’m just talking about the little front garden, the neglected vegetable patch and borders remain very much as neglected as ever, but I did conduct a little bit of a campaign in the front garden earlier in the summer: the biggest thugs were hauled out, and a few replacements installed but then in a bid to get all cottage gardeny I spread around a couple of packets of suitable seeds. Quite a few came up beautifully while we were away, and whilst this means we have some lovely flowers, it has made the weeding rather more complicated.

When I say the weeds have gone, what’s gone mostly is the wild forest of mares’ tails which, as it turns out, were providing quite useful support for other flowers – so that’s a bit of a shame. The main problem now is that I cheerfully broadcast assorted seeds around, and I’m not entirely sure what I planted, which makes it trickier to identify quickly which are weeds and which are wanted, and unfortunately that means that Boy Wonder can’t really be brought into play, as he was for the initial sorting out. His weeding is the determined but undiscerning sort.

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