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a touch of the Marie Antoinettes

May 19, 2015
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Oreo Cupcakes

I have rashly allowed myself to become entangled with fundraising at our Church. Obviously, being far too bossy for my own good, this isn’t an entirely accurate representation of how it happened. I wasn’t that passive, I cheerfully waded in convinced that the Marvellous Mummy and I could be helpful, and now here I am being sucked towards the black hole that is the nascent Church Building Fund.

pink cakes

Strategic move one is the overhauling of the Saturday morning coffee mornings, which have not been especially lucrative of late. Our two pronged attack involved the provision of bunting and cake, and did see a marked upturn in profits, but now we need to ensure that there is always cake, and apparently we need to provide some sort of cake guarantee before the powers that be will allow us to advertise the new régime.


Bit of a disaster on the baking front. I need another recipe!

We’re working on a list of willing victims volunteers, but in the mean time I am stepping up my baking a bit. Tea bread is great, and will freeze, which is handy, but we can charge more for cupcakes (you would not believe the heated debate about charging £1 for cake) so I have been experimenting. I like the inventiveness of the Hummingbird Bakery’s cupcakes, but after two different attempts at their recipes I have decided that they are a bit too insubstantial. Lovely and light but actually quite hard to hold. The strawberry milkshake versions particularly so, quite fun as a flavour, but I need a different base.

The chocolate and vanilla ones went ok though,  and the family are certainly in favour of my experimentation!

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