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here it comes again!

November 24, 2014

My blogging energies, such as they are, have been largely spent recently on restarting Uppermill Advent for another year. This is the busiest bit, as I am applying my very small store of creativeness (I am reasonably crafty, but not especially arty) to the design and creation of a couple of windows for the calendar, but worse than that I am trying to organise the whole thing and wrangle it into shape.

Fair enough, I started it (inspired by the lovely Saltaire version), but the process makes me incredibly tense. It’s not that I can’t organise, but it doesn’t feel as though it comes naturally – rather like a dog walking on its hind legs. I can, and I do, organise, but it’s not a pretty sight. I do feel that people should be wildly excited that I do it at all, and maybe throw chocolate. I do know that chocolate isn’t good for dogs, I’m not advocating you throw any to them (however many legs they are walking on) but feel free to toss some this way!

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