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the actual date of a birthday is vastly overrated (I hope)

October 13, 2014

photoAs you are already painfully aware, I am nothing if not overambitious. Despite the evidence piling up around me that I don’t even achieve as much as an averagely lazy person, I keep committing to doing ridiculous things. At the moment, therefore my knitting time is largely dedicated to completing a birthday present for one of Super Girl’s friends – I’m not going to tell you when her birthday was, suffice it to say it has passed. And that’s not the worst of it.

This is the school year that Super Girl and her friends turn sixteen, and in a rash moment I suggested to her that it would be a nice idea if I knitted a wrap or small shawl for each of her five best friends for their sixteenths. So what makes this super unfortunate is that this is just the first!

On the positive side, the end is now in sight. Just another week or so of knitting (and beading, did I mention the beading?) and I’ll be there.

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