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the Law of Preventable Consequences

August 1, 2014

I made a basic error yesterday, easily made this being the summer holidays and all. I wore shorts. Now this could be considered a mistake for so many reasons, but before the style police get on the case it’s only right to point out that my shorts are really rather long. The mistake lay in wearing them at all. This blatant preparation for sunny weather meant that it was bound to rain, as indeed it did. And still is.
This was a basic, schoolgirl error, and I should have known better. Indeed I do know better and had been explaining so to Boy Wonder only the day before on Orkney, when I was able to scientifically demonstrate that just the act of carrying my waterproof around in my backpack was sufficient to grant us sunshine, whereas leaving it on the coach meant a swift downpour as soon as we were too far away to scurry back.
So there you have it, the Law of Preventable Consequences. If you are wise you will always take your jumper, and you pack sunglasses at your peril!

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