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May 22, 2014

We don’t have a great deal in the way of extended family (well, I have quite a lot but they are so extended that what with one thing and another we don’t really see or hear from them) so it’s nice when we get together with what there is. Last weekend was one of those occasions – when we headed South for the wedding of one of the Pictlets’ cousins.

20140522-150001.jpgSuper Girl was super excited to be a bridesmaid, and then we went into a knitting frenzy as the weather was looking unpromising and so there needed to be something warm to slip over it afterwards just in case. I heard myself utter the magic words – why don’t I knit you a shawl? There then followed a rather busy 12 days, and my first go at blocking something – good news, it was done.

It was a beautiful day, in all respects. Boy Wonder was unofficial photographer of the guests, so we have some great photographs to remember it by, and Super Girl had her first real brush with make-up. She says it wasn’t too bad, and she’d be prepared to do it again in a year or so!



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