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but Holland’s a nice place

May 9, 2014

I was having coffee with the Patient Photographer this morning when she commented that I have not been much in evidence across social networks, etc. recently. This has probably been a bit more apparent since we haven’t met up for a while, so that would have been how she could tell that I was still alive – assuming I had actually posted something.

I’ve kept meaning to post, but, as I told her, I’ve been lacking oomph recently, even by my own undynamic standards. I’ve been thinking about things to write, but then it all seemed like a bit more effort than the interestingness of it warranted. Basically, life has been feeling a bit small and flat.

Anyway, after our morning conversation, and because I like the idea of being a person who has a blog, rather than a person who had a blog, I thought I’d better come and post something, and I was trying to think how I could make what I was planning to say a bit more engaging, using a simile maybe, and so it struck me that life was a bit like Holland, small and flat. But that’s silly, because I really like Holland, I really enjoyed our holiday there (and especially loved all the flowers at Keukenhof) and the flatness was a positive advantage when it came to cycling. All cycle routes should be that flat, although, if I’m honest, I’m so unfit that they didn’t all feel that flat.

As for size, well, Holland is certainly small in comparison to, say, Canada, but then it’s considerably larger than Monaco. And size isn’t everything. It’s all just about how you look at it.

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