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March 16, 2014

I have clearly been knitting obsessed recently, and I have to admit that my flirtation with Ravelry continues – but by and large it is actually encouraging me to get things done, so that’s got to be good? (If I don’t spend too long reading about other people getting things done?)

In other news, the weather seems to have been grey and damp for an exceedingly long time, even by the standards of the North West England winter, but happily seems to have taken a turn for the brighter this week, and to make the most of it we went for a walk around Dovestone – our local reservoir this morning and were lucky enough to see one of the peregrine falcons that has a territory there. It felt a bit cheat-y to count it after seeing it through a telescope that the RSPB volunteers had kindly set up, but then we saw it flying over the water later on, so it’s definitely made it onto the list, joined by some pretty little siskins we saw at the feeders further up the sides of the valley.

With today’s outing we’re up to seventy birds seen since September – we also had a lovely fruitful visit to Martinmere on the only bright day of the half-term break, and it has given us some great time together as well. I’ll update our Big Year list tomorrow.

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