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I have embarked upon my Christmas knitting . . .

October 24, 2013

20131024-135821.jpga bit late, I grant you, but earlier than I often do, so we’ll just take the positives out of this and ignore the rest, shall we?

The three great nieces are each getting a hat, loosely based on this Norwegian child’s hat pattern (it’s pattern 47-9), though actually pretty much all that’s the same is the dimensions, since I’ve gone a bit off piste with the patterning and the colours aren’t the same at all! I do like to have a starting point though. I haven’t done any colourwork knitting for a while, so I’m enjoying the change, and I thought I had better try to get back into practise as this is going to be Super Girl’s next challenge. Ever ambitious, she has charted out a Moomin-based cowl for herself, which should be quite something.

In the mean time I’m more than half way up hat number one, and I’m quite pleased with it. I’m using James Brett pure merino DK for the pink and purple, and the third is one of the lovely Sauberballs that I bought on a recent trip to Purl City.

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