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October 19, 2013

In fact, the Domestic Goddess, the Patient Photographer and I (well, mostly the Domestic Goddess, if I’m being honest) got so excited about the planning of Advent and Christmas, that we started thinking about next year as well. This is largely because I brought up the exciting topic of knitted Advent calendars. So far extensive browsing on Ravelry when I should have been doing something else has turned up 3 that I would like to have a go at. One of cute socks, one with amazing norwegian style mittens, and a beautiful Frankie Brown one, that is probably a front runner. If this gets beyond the day dreaming stage I will definitely let you know!

I think I may have done a very bad thing though, as I have now introduced the DG and PP to the concept of Ravelry, though how it had previously escaped them is a mystery, and so now it will be all my fault that they are about to stop being people who actually get things done (always a bit of an enigma) and become instead people who spend their days looking at the myriad possible ways to create socks. I’m a bit worried about the karma.

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