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Fantastic Mr Fox!

October 2, 2013

Last weekend we were feeling the strain a bit, and decided to head back to Old Moor for a couple of hours’ birdwatching.20131002-212833.jpg It was so beautifully peaceful there, right up to the moment when someone in our hide shouted that he’d spotted a marsh harrier, and we all dashed over to peer hopefully in the direction he was looking. Marsh harrier ultimately spotted, although sadly still no sign of the spoonbills that are supposed to be hanging out there.

With the nights drawing in, evening opening at the reserve is now ended, and to mark the change the RSPB had invited Mr Fox to perform. Boy Wonder was very scathing about me expecting him to go and watch what is essentially morris dancing, but this was morris dancing with attitude – well, with drums and fire to be precise. With so much fire in fact that one of our guiltier pleasures was enjoying one of the “foxes” having to climb up onto one of the roofs to try to put out a small fire that had been blown up onto it after one of their little explosions!

The “foxes” were decidedly spooky, and it was very atmospheric to watch, well worth going to see, this photograph on flickr is much clearer than any I managed. They are actually based not that far away from us, and I was surprised that I had never come across them before, but glad that we have remedied that now. Why not check out their almanac and see if they’re coming somewhere near you?



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