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Our Big Year

September 9, 2013

2013 will have been a pretty Big Year for our family: Mr Pict attained a significant, multiple-of-10 birthday; he and I have managed to stay married for 20 years (which sometimes comes as a bit of a surprise) and before the year is out Boy Wonder will have turned 18. I’m not actually referring to any of those though – birdwatchers, might recognise what I’m talking about (or others who have seen the very enjoyable Steve Martin, Jack Black, Other-Guy-whose-name-escapes-me film The Big Year).

A Big Year is a year in which birdwatchers try to see as many species as possible. Usually these are Americans, trying to notch up birds in the US, but there are others around the world. As you would expect these Big Years generally start on January 1st, but while we were up at Dodd Wood, overlooking the ospreys of Basenthwaite lake, it occurred to me that what we have is essentially a year until Boy Wonder leaves home, if all goes according to plan. So why not make it a Big Year? We all enjoy going bird watching together (although Super Girl sometimes takes advantage of being in a nice sheltered hide to do a spot of reading or knitting), but we mostly revisit our favourite haunts, this will give us a little bit more impetus to spread our wings (sorry) and go a bit further afield. The other spur comes from the fact that we have challenged Mr P’s brother to see if he can beat us.

Anyone who would like to know what we have seen so far, can keep track using the Big Year page that I have added to the blog.

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