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August 5, 2013

You remember how Boy Wonder has a thing about cars, well Formula 1 to be exact? We have therefore spent the last couple of nights at the campsite at the Hockenheimring, taking a look at the Formula Student Germany event at which talented teams of engineering students from all over the world (though mostly Germany) compete.
As campsites go this is not one of my favourites, for pretty much the same price our previous site was ranked 39th in Europe (by someone or other) and came with its own lake. Still, being parked up in the middle of a site full of international students it’s been interesting!
In the UK apparently an average of 15% of engineering students are female, I’d be surprised if there were that many here which has led to the unusual (for a campsite) sight of queues of young men outside the showers, showing their ability to multi task by drinking beer while they wait.
Other stereotypes have been happily to the fore, including the Italians all looking cool and handsome, the German encampments looking more organised than any others and the Spaniards dutifully washing up each evening what appears to be the world’s largest paella pan.
Continuing with the stereotypical theme the students have not been nearly as drunken as I anticipated (despite the pre-shower libations) and all empty bottles have been neatly gathered up and crated, they have however been staggeringly loud. If you are looking for a stereotype for Croatians I can offer the fact that they all seem very keen on very bad karaoke. Now there’s a stereotype to conjure with!

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