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Summer Days

July 24, 2013

Well, we have finally arrived in Luxembourg (although so have the summer storms, which is rather a shame). The outcome of a couple of pretty long days in Moomin, although luckily I had come craftily prepared. Back at Easter I had briefly embarked upon a version of Berocco’s sawtelle cardigan for myself but had inadvertently only bought half the required yarn for the bottom stripe so had to move into something else and had not got around to picking it up again.
It is however the perfect project for a long journey as it is still quite some way away from needing any sort of attention other than knitting backwards and forwards – and plain garter stitch at that, this makes it ideal for when there is a sudden navigational crisis and I have to start riffling through maps and directions.
Today looks like it’s shaping up to be books, board games and crafts (a bit of a waste of a swimming pool, but there you go) so I shall put in a bit more time on sawtelle then move onto something a bit more interesting and leave the plain stuff for when we’re on the move again.
The current weather is doing nothing for my stated intention of becoming fitter these holidays, but at least I should make some headway on the “to do” list!

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