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missing in inaction

June 22, 2013

What can I say? Despite my best intentions, I seem to have been decidedly dodgy again on the posting front and, predictably, it’s not even like I have great events to show for it. I’m not even much further forward on the whole tidying up the house thing.
Back a week or so though when we had some days of really good weather (I’m sorry to be so weather obsessed, all I can say is, if you lived here you would be too) Boy Wonder and I were able to spend quite a bit of time playing our own idiosyncratic version of table tennis, which I love.
20130622-083823.jpgWhat do I like about it? Well. . .
the fact that we’re out in the sunshine (weather again, sorry);
the ability to play just outside the door;
the extreme eccentricity of our playing set up (2 pasting tables and a stretchy net) which means that I’m nowhere near as outclassed as I otherwise would be;
but most of all the fact that Boy Wonder and I get to spend an hour or so chatting in a low-key sort of way. It’s what sunny days are for – just a shame there aren’t more of them!

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