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well, it looks like summer has been and gone

May 28, 2013

and to be fair we did have two glorious days and one okay one, more would be greedy, right? However since it’s only May I’m trying to pretend that it’s still summery and we’ll have home-made pizza for tea. We won’t be eating it in the garden, but pizza’s good wherever you eat it. In another great bid to claim summery-ness Mr. Pict and the Pictlets have gone over to Headingley in hopes that they might see the end of the Test. The covers haven’t been taken off yet, but they’re hopeful, and they enjoyed the moment when the security man checked Boy Wonder’s bag and found Chemistry revision.

On a less summery note, breakfast this morning was porridge – not so May-appropriate, but very welcome on a damp, grey morning. Super Girl is experimenting with making instant porridge for when she goes on her Duke of Edinburgh expedition. We tried the plastic tubs you can get, but this is is much more ecologically sound, as well as a lot cheaper. Instant porridge isn’t my favourite, I prefer it less gloopy, but this is pretty good for convenience sake, and Super Girl is enjoying tinkering with the recipe. Today’s had cinnamon, which was particularly nice with banana. A bit more experimenting, and then we’ll let you in on the recipe – in case summer really is over.

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