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at last!

May 17, 2013

20130517-202032.jpgFinally, after what was beginning to feel like a Narnian permanent winter, only without the snow or the turkish delight, there is a definite, detectable shift in the seasons. Not just the occasional, ephemeral sunny day.

Yesterday, Boy Wonder and I took advantage of his study leave to go out for lunch together and go over to the garden centre to buy some little vegetable seeds for the garden – it was just too disheartening at seed-sowing time to be able to believe that there was any point in planting seeds at all.

But what’s that in the picture? That is Super Girl’s first evern attempt at DIY, made at a Cubs craft session a few years ago. It was meant to be a bird feeder but the peanuts just fell out through the holes, so it languished for a while until we worked out a way to press it into service.

What you see in the bottom there is one last, lonely lock of Super Girl’s hair. After I cut it last summer we saved it to put out and the sensible birds of our neighbourhood have seized upon it as the latest in desirable nest-building material.

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