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no time like the present

May 6, 2013


Yesterday we got the perfect text from the Efficient Organiser to say that they has an abundance of cake and would we like to go over and eat some? Silly question. It was then that I remembered it was Mr E O’s birthday, hence the cake (actually I was wrong about that, it was surplus from the Saddleworth Cake Race, but I digress, the birthday bit still applies) so now we needed a present.

Time and inspiration being short we went for this key holder, using felt that I had made earlier (very Blue Peter). The keys go in a ring which is inside, attached to the cord, but then they are held inside by a press stud attached to the other end of the cord. As experiments go I think it went pretty well and I can guarantee that there is only an hour or so of work in it (if you cut the cord to the right length and remember to sew the press stud bits on the right way round). In fact the recipient would be able to guarantee it too since I ended up taking the constituent parts with me and making it there, so as not to waste cake eating time. Nobody’s perfect.

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