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Soldering as therapy.

April 26, 2013

Not me, I knit. Or I cry. But today poor Boy Wonder had a bad day at school.

He’s considerably taller than I am, he sings bass and he is so much more sensible than I am. He doesn’t put things off like I do, and his work ethic is staggering. Just thinking about it makes me want to go and lie down. All of this means that it’s very easy to think of him as a grown-up. In many ways that’s fair enough, because he pretty much is, but on the other hand he is just a teenager, and can be quite easily hurt or offended.

To make matters worse, it was a Maths teacher who was the cause of it all. This is unfortunate since what with his genes and his naturally geeky tendencies, Maths is his favourite subject, so this is a teacher he encounters quite a lot, and given that he works at it phenomenally hard, and has given up a lot of time after school to help others, he’s now feeling decidedly unappreciated. I don’t think he is particularly prone to grudges, but on the other hand, he seems to base most of his irrational dislike of the Welsh upon a teacher he had in Year 4 who gave him an undeserved detention (actually when I checked this with BW he said that actually he’d just been kept in for a couple of minutes, not a full scale detention – but he really was cross about it).

He was so upset, that when he got home he took to his bed, without even changing into his pyjamas (his favourite clothes) to fritter away some time on his laptop and calm down. This was doing his suit trousers no good, and seemed to be offering a bit too much in the way of brooding opportunities, so we persuaded him to come downstairs to experiment with some electronics sets that have been bought for Scouts and BW has been asked to try out and get to grips with. He is now very proud of his new-found soldering skills, and although I’m not entirely sure about the whole “doing soldering in the sitting room” thing, it seems to have passed without incident so far. Mr Pict and I have been called upon to remark upon the difference between his earlier attempts and what he can do now, and we really could see the improvement – so that’s good.

It’s always hard when your children are hurt, physically or emotionally, and when they are little all you want to do is sit them on your knee and make it right. It’s just as hard when they’re older, but now it’s not just about comforting Boy Wonder, but he also needs to develop the skills to deal with this himself once he’s away from home. Encouraging him to turn to absorbing activities, rather than dwelling on it, is a part of that. (He did sit on my knee too!)

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