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volcanic activity

April 16, 2013


Super Girl and her friend put in a great deal of time, baking on Friday and decorating on Saturday to create their volcanic cake – my picture really doesn’t do it justice. Their labels show the crater, lava flow and secondary vent, among other things, and to one side you can see the labels for when the cake is cut. Once there’s a cross-section you should also be able to see the magma chamber (red velvet cake broken up in red buttercream) and the chocolate cake and buttercream layers that will show the strata in the rock. Sadly I won’t be there to see it.


Not content with this Super Girl also decided that she’d like to have a go at knitting a cross section too. She did it in 3 sections and then joined them up. This meant that she couldn’t follow her original plan of having the secondary vent as travelling stitches across the cone, so she left those on a holder, and then knitted that bit up and stitched it on. She developed and practised quite a few skills doing this, including decreasing (deliberately) and picking up stitches to knit for the lava flow. Not bad for an afternoon’s work. (Even if the cello is still unpractised – there, I had to say it!)

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