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I have learned a new word – and I don’t like it.

March 31, 2013

The word is frogging. I’d come across it before in people’s descriptions of their knitting and it sounded like one of those mysterious things I’ve never got to grips with, like steeking. Sadly it turned out to be the much more prosaic task of picking back, with which I am all too painfully familiar.

When the snow descended again at the beginning of the week I gleefully decided to embark (yes, I know I wasn’t really supposed to) upon a quick cowl knitted in some gorgeous fyberspates scrumptious chunky that I bought a while ago for I can’t remember what.

I’ll tell you a bit more about it when I show you the finished article, but suffice to say I discovered I wasn’t going to have quite enough yarn. I decided to just keep knitting and get some more in their particularly lovely shade of purple to do the final garter stitch section but then the shop didn’t have any so I am back in plan I’m not quite sure what and frogging so that I can finish it all in the original shade.
I’m slow enough without having to knit it twice!

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