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adventures in felting, part 1

March 15, 2013

For Christmas the Super Stitcher gave me the lovely Nicky Epstein felting book, and I’ve been looking forward to having a go at some of its projects. However, that wasn’t what I was doing this time. This adventure was a combination of a response to the dreaded moths (see my last post) and me finally getting around to sewing up a bag for felting that had been waiting around for a worryingly long time. I’ll tell you about the bag in another post, I’m not quite there with it yet, but I think my adventures can best be described as a mixed success.

So, in reverse order: the socks are rather tragic, which is very sad, as they were my very first socks and they didn’t fit brilliantly but I loved them. Although they are pure wool I assume the fact that they are sock wool means that they are immune to felting, and now the lovely pastel pinks and greens have been spoiled too. If I’d realised this was going to happen I would have unravelled them and just used what I could to make pompoms. Moths 1 Felting 0.

The cardigan never really suited me anyway but is a lovely shade of blue and seems to have felted quite nicely despite being 10% nylon, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do something with that. I suppose we can call that a win, so all in all it’s honours even for the Moths and the Felting, though I have just had to clean out my washing machine filter to get it to spin properly again.

Any and all advice for next time very gratefully received.


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