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nice day for a bit of destruction

March 4, 2013
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I have been wreaking a spot of death and destruction in the garden today – with more to come tomorrow if the weather holds. The fence panels for the little back garden had been looking a bit dodgy for a while, but then on Saturday I looked up and realised that I could see right through the clematis/winter jasmine tangle to the back lane – the fence (such as it was) had just gone!

When I went out to check I didn’t have to be Miss Marple (probably just as well, although we are both partial to knitting) to see that it had had a bit  of assistance – there’s flattened grass and a crack in the (admittedly rotten) boards – someone had been a bit too enthusiastic and a bit too inaccurate with their five point turns – the only way to turn up our lane.

So now, we’re going to need to put in new fence panels – it’s only a question of time for the others, so in for a penny in for a pound and all that, and that means that I will need to trim everything right back. It feels a bit sad, when it’s all determined to grow so nicely, but really it was getting a bit out of hand anyway. Up at the garage end we have less jasmine, but the rambling rose and honeysuckle kick in. We do need to get cracking though, before the birds start nesting, I wouldn’t want to have to evict anyone!

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