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March 1, 2013

Already. February is always hard work as a month – winter’s been going on for a long time, and this year there hasn’t really been the snow to make it all more fun. Still, March always comes as a bit of a shock – we’re one sixth into the year already and just like every other year I’m not entirely sure what I’ve got to show for it. So what are my plans for March?

Well, I’m going to try to get a bit more finishing off of things done during Lent. In particular the bag I just have to knit the handle for and then I can felt it, and the brea bag that just needs sewing up – I love this bag, I don’t know why I haven’t sorted it out earlier.

The big thing is to try to turn what we laughingly (albeit in a slightly hysterical sort of a way) call the playroom, but which is actually just a repository for a great deal of stuff,  into more of a sewing room – which, if I’m not careful will just end up as a repository for different stuff, but I think I ought to give it a shot anyway.

Third thing – I really ought to be getting more exercise, so plan is to go swimming a couple of times a week.

So now it’s official, these are the plans for March, and now that I’ve put them down in black and white, I have to actually do them. Or come back and delete the post. The jury’s still out at the moment!

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