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Keeping it in the Family

February 7, 2013

In the beginning I encouraged the Pictlets into blogging to develop their writing a bit – they’ve always been less enthusiastic about English than about Maths, so I thought it would be a way of getting them to practise in a sphere that they liked, and if I’m honest Super Girl was never such an enthusiastic reader as her brother, so it was a bit to encourage her to do more of that too.

Like most enthusiasms that we try to foist upon our children, Super Girl’s blog did rather wither on the vine, but Boy Wonder pursued his reading blog for a couple of years. Both have continued blogging though, although with changes of focus. Super Girl now has her own bakermaker blog here on wordpress, where she blogs about things that she has baked and made (who’d have thought it?) Like me she’s a bit fitful, though it’s nice to browse back through some of her achievements.

Boy Wonder on the other hand developed his new blog theformula1formula, and I’m sure you can’t guess what that one is about. He staggers me with his almost encyclopaedic knowledge of teams, drivers and statistics (when I listen, sometimes I only pretend – I’m such a bad mother!)

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