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February 5, 2013

I enjoy reading, and occasionally mention books here on Pictfamily but mostly I use my reading habit blog, to ramble on about what I’ve read recently. It’s really more a log for myself of what I’ve read, and a source of constant (well not literally constant, but you know, I think about it now and then) amazement that people find it, and even more amazement that some choose to follow it – though thank you very much, people who do. Anyway, I obviously got my posting muddled yesterday, wrote about the book I’d just finished, posted it then thought I’d lost it and wrote it all over again, only to discover that I now had two more or less identical posts about the same thing on the two different blogs. Oh well, if you’ve found what I thought about the book bearable and would like to read my meandering thoughts about other reading material, then by all means head over to reading habit, and if not, then I apologise and I’ll try not to do it again.

Three of us have taken a shot at this blogging about reading thing. Boy Wonder wrote his bookboyblog for a couple of years, and if you ever happen to be looking for reading material for teenage boys, that’s not a bad place to look, although it’s not been updated for quite a while. Super Girl, not to be outdone, embarked upon Super Girl Reads, but she’s not such an enthusiastic reader as we are, and it didn’t go so far, still, all are dutifully and nepotistically (not a real word?) here in the blogroll in case you fancy taking a look.

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