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Lunch with Boy Wonder

January 17, 2013

Boy Wonder has a couple more exams tomorrow – fortunately he doesn’t seem unduly stressed about this, and he has been working very diligently to prepare, so all should be well. Less fortunately, the snow is forecast tomorrow so he may have to walk in to school to sit them, which is a bit of a long walk. Still, no point in worrying about that yet, the snow might come later (if at all). I keep trying to remind myself not to worry about tomorrow, and to enjoy the day instead. I know it’s still over a year away, but it really won’t be that long before Boy Wonder is off to university, and I find it very hard to imagine home without him – I know, I know, best not to imagine it at all. Sufficient unto the day, and all that.

Anyway, today is a bonus, as he’s home, preparing for tomorrow’s Physics and Stats, doing a couple more past papers and currently eating gingerbread pancakes, to ease the strain. When Boy Wonder was born, there was no doubt that I loved him, from the moment I saw him but there were also long, dreadful days when I did a great deal of crying and it felt like it was going to be like that for the rest of my life. It was impossible to imagine that anything would change, and I wouldn’t spend every day anxiously trying to discern some sort of pattern that would make the feeding and sleeping (or not) more manageable. There wasn’t one, by the way. And now it all seems to have gone by so quickly.

We had a bonus day last Friday as well (though that one was official study leave, this one’s not!), with the currently ever-present past papers, followed by a brisk walk over to Diggle, and back along the canal to have lunch in Uppermill. When we talked about how nice it was to have the exam leave in the summer, the one thing B W wished we had done more of was go out for more lunches, so Christy’s all-day vegetarian breakfast it was!

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