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The Boy Done Good!

January 11, 2013

I’ve been very remiss as I showed you Super Girl’s festive offerings but you haven’t yet seen Boy Wonder’s. S G’s beautiful felted cases are lovely but if I’m honest I think B W’s present for his sister was more impressive. Partly because it does look great, but mainly because it’s not so much his thing as it is hers. In fact it is so much not his thing that it really came as a bit of a surprise. When I asked him what he was getting Super Girl, and if I needed to get him anything when I was in Manchester he announced that he was going to make her a cover for her iPad mini, her new pride and joy.

This left us with a couple of days in which to find a suitable pattern, select appropriate materials and actually, you know, make the thing. My role was that of guide and mentor, which would possibly have been of more use if I had ever actually made anything like it myself. Well, after extensive googling we decided upon a pattern (this one from TeresaDownUnder, although we had to resize it for the smaller version ) and started looking through the fabric selections. A great deal of deliberation later, we had a suitable three, based around this lovely Riley Blake Winter Wonderland that I got from Fabric Inspirations before Christmas without any clear purpose in mind, I just wanted some. We teamed it with a batik print that we bought when we were at the craft show a little while ago with the Super Stitcher, and a polka dot that came from I don’t know where, all providentially bound with some bias binding that I’d bought to mend a towel with.

I did the cutting out, with a great deal of trepidation, and was on hand for queries, but other than that it is pretty much all his own work, and that is what made me so proud of him, and made his sister so very appreciative of his efforts.



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