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The Key

January 7, 2013

I freely admit, I have looked on in amazement – a combination of horror and humour, as I have seen the Domestic Goddess rearrange all her plans to account for the fact that she has lost her keys. I’ve managed to mislay mine, but never quite as catastrophically as that. Until today. Today I looked high and low but it was no good, I was marooned – like the D G we have a door that requires the key to be locked as well as unlocked. In the ordinary course of things this would probably be no more than an inconvenience, Mondays don’t have any particular commitments, but today I was meant to be at a meeting with our church minister at 10.30. I kept up the search until 10.25 then accepted defeat and phoned to explain my predicament, although I did try to salvage some pride by saying that I thought I might have left my keys in the car, and so they’d gone off this morning with Mr. Pict. The Minister seemed slightly surprised to hear from me, but was sympathetic and rearranged our plans, so that was that.

But that never is that, is it? I then looked more closely at the email I had got the minister’s number from and discovered that the meeting wasn’t until 2 – no wonder he hadn’t thought I was late. He must think I’m even madder than I really am (not the image I was trying to project) and to cap it all I then found my key (somewhere I thought I had already looked twice) so I need never have fessed up to the whole thing at all. It’s karma. Domestic Goddess, I’m sorry.

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