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The Jar

January 2, 2013

This seems to be an idea whose time has definitely come – I have seen it suggested on several sites, including Savvy Living and the Make It and Mend It page on Facebook, although I can’t see where it originally came from. Anyway, the idea is that you have an empty jar, and during the year, every time something good happens, you write it on a little piece of paper, and put it into the jar. Come the next New Year’s Eve you will have a whole year of good times to look back on. The Pictlets and I really like this idea, and we’re planning to keep jars, and I’ve been keeping old jars to pass the idea on to friends too. I think it will be a lovely way of remembering the year, and of reminding us to be more mindful of good things as they happen.

Two lovely days already to go into the jar. A walk around Yorkshire Sculpture Park with the Super Stitcher and her family this afternoon, and yesterday we went for a New Year’s walk with some other families. The Pictlets were the oldest children there, and it was great too see the way they looked after (and tolerantly allowed themselves to be chased by) the others. Super Girl’s role, as a tower (that’s as in the verb, to tow) of small girls up hills was probably a little less onerous than Boy Wonder’s who in addition to a great deal of running about also ended up having to contain the aggression of one of the more volatile small boys. Obviously the fact that he’s twice their size, helps here, but I was impressed with the calm way he shrugged it all off. As days go, he declared it to be odd but good – so you can’t say fairer than that. Will it go in his Jar, I wonder?

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