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I love the smell of tangerine in the morning!

December 25, 2012

Well, Super Girl has leapt on me and shouted Merry Christmas! so it must be true. We are sitting now surrounded by a pleasantly random selection of presents: Mr. Pict’s main theme seems to be books and DVDs about sports (I’m exaggerating about the DVDs, they are in the house somewhere, but didn’t quite make it into the wrapping process), Super Girl’s gifts feature mostly owls and baking (though fortunately not together) and Boy Wonder is slightly more diverse though majoring in stuff to do with walking and cars (ironically). I have more than enough chocolate to get me through the day, so I am a happy woman, and lots of my presents came in tins – which is especially pleasing – you can’t go wrong with a nice tin.

So far, so great a hymn to the wonders of shopping, but when we get our collective acts together and head off to church, clutching a present to show, the Pictlets and I will be taking some very special gifts with us. Super Girl made Boy Wonder a beautiful kindle case out of felt that she made herself, and made a phone case for me. Boy Wonder took the sewing route and made her a case for her iPad mini. Ok, the things that these are cases for show that we have not exactly slipped the shackles of consumerism, but there is a definite glow of warmth to be had from the hand-made gift.

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