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Bet you thought I’d forgotten about the garden . . .

November 16, 2012

I got out into the garden to do a bit of clearing today, the first time for far too long. I haven’t mentioned the garden for a long time, and that’s because I’ve been really, really bad and barely been in it since I don’t know when. As you know I am definitely a fair weather gardener and the fair weather during what the calendar obliged us to call summer was sadly lacking. The combined warmth and wetness led to the sort of jungle-type growth that only David Attenborough could love, whilst it also produced slugs the size of corgis that even he would blanch at.

Faced with these unappealling prospects it’s no great surprise that not much got done, and what I did plant either bolted, or was eaten by slugs or both, it’s lucky we’re not trying to lead the “Good Life.” This year’s paltry efforts really did not contribute towards the domestic economy – probably would have been more frugal to just mulch £10 notes and dig them in. Still since I am either touchingly optimistic or ludicrously self-deluded I was out there clearing the vegetable patches and planning for next year – some people never learn.

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