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Happy Birthday Super Stitcher

October 4, 2012


As with recipe books, so with knitting, there are some recipes or patterns that never get touched, whilst others are returned to again and again. So it is with the lovely 101 flowers to knit and crochet, that the Patchwork Perfectionist gave me a few years ago. I keep going back to the peony pattern and find that it works in all sorts of different yarns and gauges. This time I have used a lovely recycled sari yarn that I got from the Fair Trade Co-operative in Holmfirth a while ago. If you fancy trying it out yourself you can get it, or something similar, from here. The photograph doesn’t really do the texture justice and the colours are fabulous. It wasn’t the easiest thing to knit with, as it has a very firm twist and tended to tangle a bit as I went – I wouldn’t want to embark on a large project with it, but it was great for this.

I only used one ring of petals as I used 5mm needles and it was already a reasonable size, which is lucky, because this was pretty much all that the yarn ran to. I stitched a quilter’s safety pin to a circle of felt and then attached that to the back to make a brooch. Happy Birthday Super Stitcher!

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