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The early bird . . .

September 30, 2012

A slug has been frequenting our sitting room, the slimy little bastard was leaving its silvery trail over the carpet – clear enough to be unmistakeable, but not sufficiently continuous for us to be able to track it down. Unfortunately our propensity for storing school stuff and chemistry revision on the floor did not help – we can’t blame the children really, it’s genetic. Even a careful search of Super Girl’s discarded pencil box (Mr. Pict searched, I was careful to keep my distance) yielded nothing.

But at four o’clock this morning, all that changed (well, not the leaving stuff on the floor despite my best endeavours), but I had to be up at that ridiculous time to make sure Boy Wonder was awake, for reasons more boyish than wondrous. He’s off on a trip with Mazda Man, and they were leaving at five. This meant that that I came down stairs, switched on the light, and there it was, my gastropod foe shimmying its way across the floor. It turned back to try to regain its dark, secret lair, but nemesis arrived in the form of Boy Wonder, and that was that. I was able to feed B W breakfast, send him off on his way and return to bed a much happier woman.

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