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A State of Fluxx

August 27, 2012

On our annual holiday in the Lakes, it always follows a very similar pattern. There are new activities, as the children grow older and more adventurous (actually they’ve always been pretty adventurous but now they’re more capable of being adventurous) but a lot of the week is taken up with revisiting old favourites, and quite a lot of time is taken up with activities that don’t even involve us grown-ups putting down our coffees/glasses of wine (* delete as you think appropriate according to time of day) and going anywhere at all. The game of choice tends to be cricket, possibly influenced by the fact that the first weekend yielded eleven boys and one girl, until another family joined us later in the week to add another two girls and a boy to the mix.

However, this being the Lake District, the weather is not always clement. There is table tennis, but that doesn’t absorb so many, and for all the rest there is Fluxx. A reasonably fast moving, ever changing game that requires only a pack of its cards and is therefore easily transportable. Any number of people, from two onwards can play and it comes in many variants – between us we have most. I’m not so wild about the Monty Python version, but it certainly makes for an interesting (and potentially much longer – you have been warned) game when the packs are combined. We have even created our own holiday-themed cards to add to the basic mix. In our version one way to win is to have Rain Stops Play – and we’re back to cricket!

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