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Team Queen

August 22, 2012

Her Majesty.

Some time ago the Creative Crafter (or the Princess Margaret of the Cayman Islands, as I like to think of her) sent me a link to a Deramores free pattern (now sadly expired) designed by Fiona Goble and said please could she have a Queen, seeing as how it’s the jubilee year and all. Having established that the jubilee itself, in all its rainsodden glory wasn’t the deadline, but that she could wait until we met up this summer, I duly forgot all about it until the C C arrived to visit amidst much rejoicing (and indeed there was much cause for rejoicing as she didn’t just bring her family, she brought sunshine!) and loud ticking of the virtual clock.

It was only actually when we arrived in the Lakes, with two creative (ish) evenings ahead of us that I settled down to serious Queen construction and not being people to do things by halves (although obviously being a person who does things much too late) we thought there ought to be a corgi too. Now one great advantage of this procrastination was that the Creative Crafter was present to do her own sewing up (I hate sewing up) so I knitted, the C C stitched and assembled and Super Girl was responsible for stuffing – possibly with too much enthusiasm, and we feel that the outcome is a Monarch to be proud of.

We didn’t quite get there with the corgi (I think the drinking of rum intervened) so it had to go off in kit form, although S G was very taken with the corgi concept and has now embarked upon one of her own – we’ll let you know how it turns out.


Queen and kit-form corgi.


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