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I like Facebook

July 15, 2012

Not all of it, obviously. I don’t like the way it made me have Timeline even though I didn’t want to, I ‘m not wild about targeted adverts (really? you think I’m that sort of a person?) and I hate the way it tries to encourage me to “friend” people that I cross the road to avoid in everyday life, but most of these are irritations at most, and I do like the way it lets me continue to keep in touch with people that I don’t see on a regular basis. Obviously there are some people I don’t see on a regular basis because I just don’t want to, but I can gloss over their updates.

What prompted me to comment on this is that I met up with the Creative Crafter this weekend, as she visits us from sunnier climes. The first time I’ve seen her for two years, and she greeted me on Friday with the words, “I feel I’ve talked to you most days.” Now I’m not for a moment suggesting that our late night typing, takes the place of sitting down together with cake (a situation we managed to rectify today) but it has definitely meant that we still feel in touch with each other’s lives.

In my imaginary world, the place of facebook would be taken by long, newsy, beautifully written letters, but given my ability to procrastinate they wouldn’t actually get any further than a few well honed sentences in my head – look at how long I can go without posting, and it’s not like I’m not full of good intentions, when I do get around to it, my posts have to take the place of my would-be lovely letters.

And then there are the photographs, we can see each other’s children grow and flourish, I can see how much weight she has lost (ok, not so happy about that, although happy for her, it rather rubs in the fact that I look much the same), we can marvel at our respective weathers, although she is rather less incredulous about the amount of rain we have, than we are at her interminable sunshine.

So ok, real proper face to face is better, but well done facebook, nevertheless.


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