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The Cup that Cheers (not, you know, literally . . . )

June 15, 2012

Way back in the depths of winter, I felt sorry for the Pictlets being despatched to school at 7.30 in the miserable weather and started sending them out with a drink of warm cordial. And, do you know, apart from a pathetically small number of weeks when the weather has been warm and pleasant, I have been sending them out thus every other morning that I’ve managed to get my act together and remember to boil the kettle. Warm drinks in June, I ask you!

I have to admit, the original idea came not from the goodness of my heart, but because we had bought some new commuter cups and I liked the idea of using them more. Now this was very out of character – not the kindness (obviously!) but the buying of the cups because we already had some dull but pretty-much-functional ones that we used in Moomin. It’s not that I’m a cheapskate as such but I have great difficulty replacing something that pretty much works, just because I don’t like it, but this time I did, and it was a good thing to do.

The new cups, we’ve had them since October but I still think of them as new because I like them, are bright and cheery, and don’t even leak – always a plus! They are considerably more fiddly to dry than ordinary cups after being in the dishwasher, but nothing’s perfect. My only regret is that when we bought them there were only orange and yellow in stock and so that’s what we’ve got. I came over a bit wistful when I saw the whole range of colours at Tebay services the other week, but then as Boy Wonder wisely pointed out, if we hadn’t bought them when they didn’t have the full range of colours, we wouldn’t have had the benefit for all these months. (Sometimes he’s very grown-up. Sometimes I’m not)


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