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you’d think I’d have got the hang of shopping by now

April 27, 2012

but no, I am singularly bad at it. I’m not talking about complicated, getting things in the right size and colour sort of shopping – just common or garden going to the co-op and I have been really, really rubbish at it this week. On Monday I trudged down in the rain, and selected my groceries, only to discover that I hadn’t taken my purse, so had to go home, collect it, and start all over again. Today, I managed to bring my purse (how impressive am I?) but then having paid I walked out without the food. I didn’t even realise until I got home and wondered where I’d put down the bag. Not my finest hour when I had to ‘phone Mr. Pict and ask him to call in and retrieve it on the way home. So what was my finest hour? Do you know I’m really not sure.

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