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the joy of shopping

March 10, 2012

I’m not a great one for going shopping, at least not the whole trying-things-on, ladies-who-lunch sort of shopping – browsing round Abakhan or Purl City is something else entirely! However I have now, to my huge surprise ended up doing “proper” shopping in Manchester twice in two days. I decided that a family Christening tomorrow called for a dress that hadn’t already appeared at a couple of other family occasions, and set off accordingly. As a special treat I was also commissioned to return the wallet that Mr. Pict had bought himself and decided he didn’t like and to buy Boy Wonder a pair of jeans.

Over coffee later the Patient Photographer expressed surprise that I was allowed to buy BW clothes without his being there to approve them – I explained that I am not just allowed but positively encouraged. Boy Wonder is not an enthusiastic buyer of clothes – he is a conservative who likes what he has always liked and is perfectly happy for someone else to get it for him. He’s much better than he used to be – at one point he was positively anti new clothes, they had to be left lying around his room for a bit until he was used to them. Now he’s happy to put them on, he just doesn’t want to have to go to the shops for them.

Unfortunately, although my personal shopping mission was an unqualified success, I came home the contented owner of a new dress, a new tunic and a new summer T-shirt, the rest of it didn’t go so well. I forgot to take the wallet, and it turns out Boy Wonder has grown more recently than either of us had realised. The jeans had to go back, and since we were operating with my usual zeal for the last minute, we needed to go in again today to sort this out. This time, Boy Wonder accompanied me, and although it’s not his preferred environment, he took it very well and we had a successful expedition with jeans, chinos and a shirt acquired and a nice chance to chat over a hot chocolate in Waterstones café. I don’t get so many opportunities like this with BW, so it worked out well in the end. Even the wallet was finally disposed of.

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