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works in progress

February 18, 2012

As part of the ongoing dealing with the sitting room, Super Girl and I have worked our way round to the corner where I keep my knitting basket. In and then on top of this basket I have accumulated a whole range of yarns and projects, and then there was the overspill in a couple of other baskets and bags dotted about the place. We have gone through them all and sorted the yarns into their different types. They are now going into a lidded box, and the basket is just for the ongoing projects. There is a disturbing number of these, but actually quite a few things just need a bit of attention to be done.

At present I have two knitting projects actively on the go – a laceweight scarf for myself, which fits neatly into a pouch for taking out and about and is such a simple pattern that I don’t need to carry a copy with me, also a hat I’m knitting for the brother of one of Super Girl’s friends – who’s having chemo at the moment. Once the hat is done I’m going to work my way through the works in progress, which are as follows:

brea bag: I need to stitch it up and add the strap and button;

felted bag: I need to stitch it up, knit up the rest of the wool to make a piece of fabric and then stick them in the washing machine to see how the felting goes;

sideways gloves: need stitching up (are you spotting a theme here?);

handwarmers: I am one and a half handwarmers into a pair for the Alpine Psychologist’s daughter – then they’ll need pompoms to finish them off;

socks: the socks I started over a year ago for Mr. Pict are still half a sock short of a pair;

scarf: I have most of a scarf knitted in a sockwool that’s shades of blue and grey – I lost interest and moved onto other things, it could be finished off and would make a present for someone;

flowers: I have various bits of knitted flowers that will need other bits making and assembling into flowers for brooches or hair things;

bears: I had planned to make more bears and their dresses for Christmas, but only one got finished, there are a couple of other bears that need stitching up and then I can think about their clothes.

So, it’s a bit embarrassing how long some of these things have been sitting around waiting but I’m encouraged that there isn’t actually quite as much as I thought and quite a few of those projects are really close to completion. It feels good to have a plan.

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