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February 6, 2012

On Saturday, Super Girl asked if we could have a look through a couple of old photograph albums that are up in our room. It was lovely looking through again, seeing the Pictlets when they were so small. It’s great to have these albums to leaf through, and we agreed that over half term we will spend some time sorting out the box full of photos that we have, and then we’ll tackle all the pictures that we’ve just got stored digitally and select some to print out for albums too.

Yesterday, Super Girl had to do some geography homework about where she would like to live and she picked Vancouver (a girl with good taste) and was able to illustrate her work with some pictures taken during our holiday in Canada. It was about eight years ago, but it made a lasting impression and for her the highlights were the aquarium (you can see some of what they’ve got, including the lovely sea otters who hold hands here) and cycling in Stanley Park, and the wonderful Seigel’s Bagels – they even made it onto the list of reasons to move.

We have some great photographs, and I loved looking through them again with the Pictlets and remembering some fabulous days. But yesterday also reminded me that days don’t have to be fabulous to be good. As I’ve said Super Girl and I planned to go to a workshop over in Holmfirth yesterday, but the snow prevented us. She was upset, it was going to be fun, but she had a good time sledging with friends, building a snow fort in the garden and, in the afternoon I built up the fire and we all sat around knitting. As we were walking up the lane carrying the shopping (the car doesn’t like the lane when it’s snowy) Super Girl turned to me and said: “I love days like this!”

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