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boxing clever

January 23, 2012

While I was in Holmfirth before Christmas, I was in the glorious Up Country wool shop and noticed that they now have workshops on their new premises. I am definitely tempted by their knitting ones, but my attention was also caught by the idea of using recycled cardboard to make boxes.

  At £10 for an afternoon workshop I could hardly go   wrong! Super Girl helped me with the preparation, we painted stripes, aiming for a sort of summery Scandinavian effect.

After the painting we had to cut it into strips about an inch wide,  and Super Girl had a go at weaving them to see what sort of effect  we might get.

  All set for the workshop, the lovely Liz was calm and friendly, and dealt very patiently with all our doubts and crises as we moved from these folded strips to a basket in all its pegged glory. And now what I have is a basket that I’m really rather proud of, and another workshop to go to in two weeks’ time so I can learn how to do more complicated ones, and in the mean time all I need to do is sort out how to make a lid!  

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