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nesting birds

January 15, 2012

3 birdie baskets

I made these baskets for the Patchwork Perfectionist’s daughter for Christmas, and they have come to mind again because I was looking at the figures I’d worked out for making two more sets. It might have happened this weekend but Super Girl had commandeered the sewing machine for some bag making, so I had to be patient and finish off a bit of knitting instead.

I’ve told you about the tutorial for these baskets before, it came from vlijtig. What I’ve done is to scale the measurements up and down slightly to make a set of 3 nesting baskets.

For each basket you need to cut 2 of piece A, 1 of piece B, 1 of piece C and another piece C in interfacing. If you’re going to make a few it’s worth cutting yourself some templates to draw around.

Original basket     A  22 x 6           B  22 x 20           C  22 x 28

Larger basket        A  27.5 x 7.5     B  27.5 x 24        C  27.5 x 35

Smaller basket      A  16.5 x 4.5     B  16.5 x 16         C  16.5 x 21

When I made my smaller basket I wanted to make the most of the lovely June Song fabric, so I just used two pieces of fabric cut to size C for the outer and inner as well as a piece of interfacing between them.

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